It is a bed sheet for the 21st century. CinchFit home sheets take care of the environment due to its 100% organic cotton material that, in addition to taking care of the environment, gives a softer, fresher and more pleasant texture for a sustainable rest. CinchFit home sheets are woven from fine and long combed cotton fibers, and it is certified organic.


Following are the characteristics of CinchFit Home Sheets that attracts everybody to purchase this bedsheet.

  • 600 TC
  • Smooth texture
  • Customizable sizes
  • Easily washable fabric
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Comfortable
  • Drapes effortlessly
  • Its colors can be synchronized with any bedroom color pattern

Thread Count

Thread Count is a well-known term in the bed sheet industry; it refers to the total number of threads contained in a square inch of fabric. While being a factor in the purchase of bed sheets, it can be misleading. A high thread does not necessarily mean a sheet of better quality. Most sheets have a thread count ranging from 180 to 1000, and 200 is considered a good quality thread. Going up to 600, you will notice an increase in quality. However, with a 1000 thread count, you may find that your sheets are too dense, too hot or too stiff. For this purpose, Quahog Bay Bedding offers 600 TC in its CinchFit Home Sheets made of pure cotton.


CinchFit Home Sheets are available in several sizes like Full Size, Queen size, Twin size, King Size and Cal King Size, Split Cal King, Split King, Split Flex Queen, Split Flex King, Split Flex Cal King, Standard Size Pillow Case Set, King Size Pillow Case Set, and Custom Size.

If unexpectedly, the regular sizes do not fit your bed size then feel free to contact us at our email address. We will be pleased to deliver you the customized size bed sheet that will fit in your bed. We can arrange as many sizes tailored bed sheets as much as you want. No restrictions at all.


CinchFit home sheets of cotton are available in a variety of colors such as White, Gray, Ivory, Sage, Blue, Linen, and Navy.


You can wash CinchFit Home Sheets once a week with hot water, which is essential to “maintain a clean and healthy space, help prevent allergies and maintain proper body hygiene. If you live in a city with the scorching weather, it is best to do the more frequent washing. The microbiologist, on the other hand, recommends washing the sheets once a week at a temperature between 55 and 65 degrees.


60 days customer support and money back guarantee are offered in case if any defect is found in the fabric of the bedsheet.

Our Final Zzz’s

CinchFit Home Sheet is made of pure cotton by Quahog Bay Bedding and it will brighten your room with lightness and harmony. It is an elegant and beautiful design and It will decorate your room with style and elegance.The quality of sleep is related to various factors, including the elements present in our bed sheets. For this reason, we must choose bed sheets, which facilitate a good rest and adapt to the movements we make while we sleep. Thiscompany(Quahog Bay Bedding) not only offers a simple but yet good sheet set but also offersfree delivery on all products within USA. Final Zzz’s:

Softness– 4.1

Durability– 3.8


***Price– 3.7

***Reasoning for the low grade in price is we have a standard to make and have our products we recommend affordable to our readers and viewers. This set is a bit pricey as well, but you we are sure you will enjoy every second of its quality.