October 29, 2018

Plush Mattress Review

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Plush Mattress specializes in only using organic products for their memory foam and natural latex mattresses. This makes their mattresses a healthy alternative for those that might have allergy issues with regular mattresses. While Plush sell both natural latex and memory foam mattresses, this review will focus specifically on their memory foam model.

Size and Pricing

 The specific size range will depend on the mattress you choose, as some only come in one size. However, the majority of their models come in the size range twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king, and split king.

 The price range will also depend on the model you select, but their 12” Cool Bliss mattress for example ranges from $1,549 for a twin, to $1,849 for a queen, and $2,698 for a split king. Compared to other models available this is slightly more expensive, but Plush beds are made with superior quality, natural and organic materials.


 The Plush memory foam mattresses come in a range of different models, some of which feature layers of cooling gel, which is suitable if you regularly find you get too hot at night. The memory foam mattress is made from several layers of organic products, all of which add up to superior comfort. They are best for side sleepers, but are also fine for back and stomach sleepers. The multiple layers also mean they are suitable for sleepers of all different weights.

 The memory foam mattresses have excellent motion transfer reduction, mainly due to their multiple layers of materials. This also means they are good at conforming to the sleeper’s shape, and will be suitable for those with joint problems. The mattresses are flexible, and can be used on adjustable bed frames without any issues.

 The regular memory foam mattresses have adequate temperature neutrality, and won’t absorb too much heat throughout the night. The models with the cooling gel however have vastly superior temperature neutrality, as this is what they are specifically designed to reduce. Regardless of which model you choose from the Plush range you should find they keep you nice and cool throughout the night.

 The best feature about the entire Plush range is that they are made from completely natural and organic materials. This also means they don’t emit any chemical odors when new, and will not do so for the length of their lifespan. Plush mattresses are made in the USA using only the highest quality materials.

 Shrinkage Test

 The Plush mattress has reasonable edge support, and its multiple layers of foam means there’s minimal shrinkage. This is a benefit for couples, as it will stop the lighter sleeper from rolling towards the heavier one. These multiple layers also give the mattresses a good level of support and bounce, meaning they will spring back quite quickly after bearing weight.


 The materials used in the range of Plush mattresses are all high quality, and so they should last you for a long time. Their range of memory foam mattresses come with a 25 year guarantee, and are free to try for 100 nights. If you’re not happy with the mattress after this time then you can send it back for a full refund.


Final Zzz’s

 Motion transfer: 9/10


Pricing: 7/10


Comfort: 9/10


Overall experience: 8/10


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