August 13, 2018

Nolah Original 10 Mattress

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The Nolah Original 10 Mattress



The Nolah mattress is a two-fold sided bed that highlights four layers of froth stacking up to a 12″ profile. The blend of materials here make a weight calming and steady structure and also one that directs temperatures for the duration of the night.

As indicated by the brand, the “delicate” side of the mattress is perfect for side and back sleepers while the “firm” side of the bed is ideal for stomach sleepers. To open these diverse feels, you should simply flip the whole bedding over to your preferred side. 


The cover is comprised of unbleached natural cotton, so it is super delicate and comfortable. That it’s unbleached is an imperative component, as it shows that the texture was made free of any hurtful synthetic substances.

Solace Layer

With the bed designed to the “delicate” side, the solace layer is worked with 2.5″ of the brand’s cooling Air Foam. Like flexible foam, the material highlights profound body shaping, which ought to give the sleeper some prompt weight help. While adjustable foam has somewhat of a notoriety for overheating, Nolah has moderated this by making its own froth more breathable, guaranteeing that the structure will remain cool for the duration of the night.


In the wake of investigating the development of the Nolah mattress, how about we talk about the solidness and feel. I began off by applying light hand weight to the sleeping pad and found that I was promptly connecting with the delicate Air Foam comfort layer. I sank into the delicate side of the bed easily, with the material forming snuggly around my hand. 

People fluctuate sizes and weights everyday in unexpected ways. For this reason we acquired three different analyzers to enable a sense of quality and feel for the Nolah mattress. To do this, we each took a turn lying on the bed, gave it an individual immovability rating and after that aggregated the outcomes on the diagram below.

While the feel is continually going to be an individual thing, our reviews should give you a strong insight of the immovability run you can anticipate from this mattress. 


We summarize this review with a glance at sinkage. Which will tell you whether you will feel like you’re sinking “into” the mattress. To paint a picture of this sinkage, I set four bundles of changing sizes and densities (a 6lb pharmaceutical ball, a 10lb steel ball, a 50lb medication ball, and a 100lb solution ball) on the sleeping pad and estimated the amount they compacted the surface.The varieties in size, weight, and thickness are intended to reenact diverse body parts and distinctive estimated sleepers.

The Final Zzz’s

The mattress made by Nolah is really built and sustained around stability and maximum R&R. Not only are they comfortable but they are also made in the US which is a huge plus! We’ve experienced this product (Signature 10’) and the quality behind it is great. This company is really changing the game in mattress comfort. The last key points I would like to add are it’s supportive, cooling and well-suited for any type of sleeper.

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