Live and Sleep Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam molds to fit each person since it’s designed to respond to pressure and heat from the body. Once the weight of your body is lifted, the foam returns to its original form and shape.

Like all memory foams it is so fun to play with the pillow. The drawback to memory foam is it can get hot. Leading to some tossing and turning when sleeping to find the cool side of the pillow. The reason we are suggesting this pillow is because based on the good quality factors needed within a good memory foam they definitely provide:

  • Crafted with high quality ingredients
  • Optimized for better sleep
  • Comfort Level
  • Support: Cooling system captures and removes heat and relieves painful pressure points.
  • Naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic: This pillow is environmentally friendly and CertiPUR-US Certified. The luxury soft fabric is removable and washable. The manufacturing process is climate controlled and allows for less chemicals – This means less gases, toxins and better durability.

Our Final Zzz’s 

This pillow is great to have for comfort. Built in memory foam along with great support and comfort goes a long way. I’ve mentioned before that pillows are essential to a good night’ sleep. There are pro’s and Con’s to every memory foam item of course but this pillow is an absolute winner and great to have. Along with the confidence and guarantee that this company gives for their product they also offer their pillows complimentary with a purchase of their mattress with the same technology and ingredients made inside of the pillow. You can see and review the mattresses here… 

Aside from that though Our personal opinions on the pillow (Based on 0-5 Scale)

Support – 4.4

Firmness – 3.8

Price – 4.0

Comfort – 4.2 (Once broken in)

We have been offered this product at a wholesale value that we would like to share with our readers so that you can benefit mostly for a best nights sleep. Here is our discounted offer gift from us to you.See Exclusive Offer Here Be Better, Feel Better and Sleep Better!


L&S Cool Memory Foam Pillow – $40.00
The Live and Sleep® pillow is a medium firm and breathable memory foam pillow, purchased exclusively online and includes Free Shipping to your door. The Live and Sleep® pillow is 100% CertiPUR-US® certified for quality materials.