October 30, 2018

Latex for Less Mattress Review

by Admin in Sleeping Aids

The Latex for Less mattress is ideal if you want a quality mattress at a lower price, while not sacrificing comfort or the use of natural materials. It is a natural latex, memory foam hybrid mattress that comes with two firmness options. It comes in several different thickness options, so there is bound to be a model suitable for everyone.

Size and pricing

 The Latex for Less mattress comes in sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king, split king, split cal king and split queen. This is a massive range of different sizes and means there should be a suitable model for every sleeper.

 The prices vary quite a lot with these mattresses, as there are different sizes and thicknesses available, but they go from $699 for a 9” thick twin mattress, to $899 for a 9” thick queen mattress, to $1,299 for a 9” cal king.


 The mattress comes in four thicknesses: 7”, 9”, 10”, and 12”. The latex layer on the mattress changes thickness depending on the mattress you buy, but the overall internal structure doesn’t change. The exterior is covered with organic cotton and natural wool, which gives it an added layer of fire protection.

 The mattress has two different levels of firmness. One side of the mattress is a medium firmness, but if you flip it over there is also a firm side. This is not only a helpful feature, as many memory foam mattresses aren’t flappable, but it will also increase the lifespan of the mattress and means it won’t sag or balloon as quickly.

 Latex mattresses are usually more durable that normal memory foam ones, and a Latex for Less mattress should last longer than seven years, which is well above the average for a mattress. It will last even longer with good care, part of which will be flipping it regularly. The materials of the external cover are also very durable and well crafted, meaning it should last a long time if well cared for.

 Latex and hybrid mattresses tend to retain heat more than purely memory foam mattresses, and this is true of the Latex for Less. It is known to retain heat quite well, and so can turn into a bit of a heat trap on hot nights. However, if you’re a cold sleeper this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. These mattresses are very flexible, and can be used on a variety of bed frames and bases. Their flexibility means they would be suitable for using on an adjustable bed.

 Shrinkage Test

 Latex mattresses are amazing at conforming to the sleeper’s shape, although this mattress has poor edge support. Latex means there is minimal bounce to the mattress, but it does provide sleepers with good support. The materials do mean that there is a reasonable amount of shrinkage when compared to memory foam mattresses. However, the fact that it’s a hybrid mattress does mean it’s not as bad as a pure latex mattress. The mattress does have very low motion transfer, which is ideal if you’re a light sleeper.


Latex for Less mattresses are very durable, and can take more damage than a memory foam mattress. Each one comes with a 120 sleep trial, meaning you can have a full refund if you’re not satisfied. They also come with a 20 year warranty, and should last a long time if they are looked after.

 Overall Rating(Our Final Zzz’s):

 Motion transfer: 9/10


Pricing: 10/10


Comfort: 9/10


Overall experience: 9/10


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