Helix Pillow Review

This Helix Sleep pillow has an adjustable pillow with options (Helix Pillow and the Helix Cool). Both pillows come with a sleep trial (100 days). During this trial period returns are free and you get all your money back. Here’s some features that stand out:

Outer Comfort Shell

  • 1lb Memory foam and Down Alternative on each side
  • 25” gusset to allow for adjustable loft
  • Standard and cooling outer cover fabric available

Support Insert Layers

  • Two 1lb Memory foam and Down Alternative insert layers
  • Designed to fit perfectly within the Outer Comfort Shell


How Much Does the Helix Pillow Cost?

♦Helix Pillow

Standard Helix Pillow Standard Size $85

King Helix Pillow King Size $99

♦Helix Cool Pillow

Standard Helix Cool Pillow

Standard Size $115

King Helix Cool Pillow King Size $129


Something You Should Know

Both versions of these pillows come with a zipper to access the inside of them. This is for you to adjust the loft inside so you can get a better more comfortable spinal alignment.



Our Final Zzz’s

The start standard size sells at $85 and a King size sells for $99. Helix makes a pretty nice pillow. We haven’t really had any kind of negative remorse for the product. The fact that they put a better effort and quality into their pillow shows that they care more about comfort and quality than just a piece of foam thrown into a pillow. Maybe the shipping process can be improved a bit better. But other than that, we believe it is a great pillow and is definitely a product we’d recommend you try. Our conclusion:

Comfort- 4.5

Support- 4.0

Price- 3.9

Firmness- 4.0


Pillow Reviews

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