Brooklyn bedding offers Brushed Microfiber Sheets that are made of artificial fiber. Microfiber sheets provide a durable option with a soft finish. Microfiber absorbs moisture from the body while keeping you dry and fresh during your sleep. With its ability to repel dust mites, micro fiber also allows people with allergies to enjoy a better rest.

This set of Brooklyn bedding is made of luxurious brushed microfiber. Brooklyn bedding has designed these super soft sheets to maximize ventilation to keep you comfortable and relaxed all night. Brushed Microfiber Sheets not only favors a better rest but also helps to keep you healthy.

According to experts, the fabric where you sleep can have substantial effects on the sleep. That is, there are more friendly materials bed sheets for the skin, such as Brushed Microfiber Sheets, which contribute to resting since they do not irritate the skin or accumulate dust. Also, as it is a “breathable” fabric, it helps to regulate the temperature of the bed, which is a great benefit in any season of the year. And, being natural, it is also free of irritating chemicals that can cause allergies. The Brushed Microfiber Sheets set, besides being soft, is fresh, so it will prevent you from transpiring more at night.


Here we tell you the features of Brushed Microfiber Sheets by Brooklyn bedding so that you can have an optimal rest and thus perform more during the day.

  • Made of soft, lightweight fabric that caresses your skin
  • Easy care, brushed microfiber sheet set
  • Adjusts to any size of mattresses
  • Lint-free design for easy care
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Care instructions: machine washable
  • Stress-free to clean
  • Unaffected to wear and tear
  • Comfortable
  • 400 TC
  • Soft texture

Thread Count

It is necessary to consider the number of threads per square inch in the bed sheets; the more threads it has, the softer is the sheet. In the market, there are some sheets that have 144 threads, Brooklyn bedding offers Brushed Microfiber Sheets with more than 400 threads per square inch.


Brushed Microfiber Sheets is accessible in numerous sizes like Twin size, Twin XL, Full Size, Full XL, Queen Size, King Size and CA King Size.


Brooklyn bedding also offers a variety of colors in Brushed Microfiber Sheets such as White, Charcoal, Ivory, Sage, Blue Mist, and Khaki.


It is essential to perform the first wash before the first use to eliminate the possible remains of chemical substances derived from the manufacturing process. This bedsheet can be washed with either hand or machine.


If any defect is found in the bedsheet, it can be reported at our email address. Brooklyn bedding gives 60 days money back guarantee.

Our Final Zzz’s

One of the great pleasures of everyday life we find when after a long day comes the time to go to bed and when preparing to start the rest we wrap ourselves between clean and comfortable sheets. This most desired sensation reveals in most of us a preference for the healthiest aspects of bedding. The conservation of the cleanliness in the Brushed Microfiber Sheets and its other features are fundamental aspects to avoid health problems, such as allergies and other hypoallergenic issues. You can see and review the sheet set here.       So,here’s our final thought on the set (Scale Out of 5):

Softness– 4.5

Durability– 4.2


Price– 4.9(Very Affordable Price)